Are the collars washable?
YES! All of the dog collars, leashes, and harnesses are machine washable. We recommend washing in cold/warm water inside a mesh bag. Always LINE DRY until completely dry. Bow ties and flowers are spot clean ONLY.
What size collars are available?
Our available sizes are XS-XL (we are working to add XXL)  if you are in need of a larger collar please reach out to us for a custom order.  Prefer to our size chart for dog collar sizes, Please note that if your dog's neck  measures at the highest measurement of a size you need to move to the next size.  For instance if your dog's neck measures at 12" you will need  to move into a size medium...a size small will be too small. SEE SIZE GUIDE BELOW
How do I know what size my dog's neck is?
The simple answer is to measure your dog's neck using a flexible measuring tape, like as sewer's measuring tape. However if you do not have access to a flexible measuring tape, you can measure your dog's existing collar or use a piece of string or yarn. To measure your dog's existing collar:Lay collar on a flat surface, make sure the collar is as flat as possible. Measure with a ruler or measuring tape from one side to the other. Only include ONE side of the buckle. As the buckle will fit together when on the dog's neck, you only need to include one half of the buckle in your measurement. To measure using string or yarn:Take a piece of string or yarn, put around your dog's neck as if it were a collar. Cut of excess. Lay string on flat surface and measure with ruler or measuring tape. It is important to remember the 2 finger rule, it's best to be able to slide two of your fingers between the dog's collar and their neck and have enough room to adjust the dog's collar in case of weight gain/loss, or growth. SEE MORE MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS BELOW
How long will my order take before shipping?
Our goal is to get your order in the mail within 2-5 days of order placement, some items will take a bit longer and that is usually is noted in the product listing. Please be aware all sewn items such as dog collar, leashes, harnesses, bow ties, flowers, key fobs, etc. are usually made to order.How long will my order take before shipping?
I ordered the wrong size. Can I return or exchange?
We are sorry the size wasn't right! We are always happy to make things right, however we do not accept returns for refunds at this time. We do offer exchanges on any unworn and unused product. If it has been visibly "worn" we unfortunately cannot exchange the item. Please email us at candycaninecollars@gmail.com to start the exchange process.
Do you make martingale dog collars?
Yes!! We have a whole section dedicated to martingales. Don't see the pattern you like, but see that pattern in a standard dog collar? Email us and we can make that for you! Martingales are available in a standard martingale, and a martingale with a buckle.