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About Us

Our story is simple. We wanted a quality dog collar for our dogs, Winnie & Sassy (pictured). One that was durable, washable, but also did not fray when they scratched, or even make them scratch more than normal. Most decorative ribbon collars have a hard nylon back with a coarse ribbon on top that would always fray when scratched.​From there, we built a great collar! Decorative cotton fabric on the outside, inner durable nylon, well made hardware, all sewn together using heavy duty industrial sewing machines with bonded nylon thread. ​We are happy with the outcome, and our pups are less scratchy. Every day we think how could this be better for our customers? Our human customers and our dog customers? Candy Canine Collars is ever evolving and we hope you follow our journey to see where life takes us.

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